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Workstation Comfort

Workstation Comfort & Posture

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), Carpel Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) and Back Pain caused through poor posture are real everyday risks for each user of display screen, keyboard and mouse which must be monitored by regular workstation assessments.
European and International Standards for Display Screen Users or Workstation Arrangements are now firmly in place to promote and enhance workstation performance and comfort. Health and Safety has finally arrived in the IT Workplace of the 21st Century.
At ComputingPlus we help you to assess your requirements and offer a range of workplace solutions for individuals and workgroups.
Our range of ergonomic desking, ergonomic seating and computer accessories are all designed around your requirements to provide you with comfortable and effective solutions for your workplace or home.

When replacing a CRT/VDU display with a new flat screen it is important to be able to retain the optimum screen to eye distance and optimum screen height. "Parking" a static flat screen in the middle of your desk or pushing it away to create space is not a solution.
But mounting your flat screen on an articulated height, reach and tilt adjustable arm offers the optimum solution for screen to eye distance, screen height for good posture, plus it frees up desk space.
New desk installations can take advantage of the slimmer depth of flat screens (over CRT/VDU's) and may require shallower desk depths of just 750/850mm or less.
Ergonomic Desking

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